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"Good business leaders create a vision,
articulate the vision,
passionately own the vision,
and relentlessly drive it to completion"

Jack Welch, Former CEO, General Electric

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Integra Consulting
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Effective Planning for Change

Integra helps clients stay focused on strategic priorities, so their vision for change truly serves the growing business and reflects their work values. Their vision should also be achievable and cost-effective.

Even when based on sound rationale, many change initiatives fail due to poor planning and execution. At times, employee or leadership behaviours undermine the change. Integra helps clients gain a holistic view of the critical factors. This enables them to anticipate organisational and human needs, plan more effectively and stay on track.

Integra offers a range of services to help executives, teams and organisations achieve great results through change.


Consulting across the Life-Cycle of Change

Consulting programmes typically involve re-structuring, new technology or process, and behavioural change. Whether Integra is directly involved in change planning and implementation, or guides project teams to undertake this work, clients are helped to align their organisation and people with their overall programme of change.

Clients engage Integra Consulting at critical times in stand-alone activities, or for the duration of a programme from the point of envisioning change.

Consulting services involve Strategy Development, Organisational Development, Process Change, Change Management and Internal Communications.

Achieving Excellence through Personal Change


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