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Integra Consulting
+44 (0)20 7373 6898

Welcome to Integra Consulting

Integra Consulting specialises in change for executives, teams and organisations.

In our increasingly complex world, effective change is a challenge: how to achieve great results without compromising resources, timescales or commitment?

Being clear and confident about change makes the difference. To be "clear about change" means knowing what you want and what this entails. "Confident about change", you can be sure that your thinking stacks up and you have the capability and drive to succeed.

Integra helps clients to be clear and confident about their change - from individual coaching through to corporate transformation.

Integra's Founder

I founded Integra Consulting in 1995 after leaving Ernst & Young, and have over 20 years' management and consulting experience. Integra clients are primarily FTSE 100 companies. Having worked for big consulting firms, and with an INSEAD MBA, I wanted to offer change expertise that was independent and put client interests first. Having also led re-organisation as a senior manager, my approach is practical: to work with people to achieve results that are meaningful to them.

Thank you for visiting the Integra website.

Michèle Gorgodian
Director, Integra Consulting


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